• 15/07/2024 17:49

The strike of the Ukrainian Defense Forces on the Belbek airfield exploded the potential of Russian aviation – intelligence

The next strikes on important Russian targets in occupied Crimea will increase the likelihood of an error or miscalculation for Russian aviation.

Strike of the Ukrainian Defense Forces on the airfield

31 January Ukraine attacked the Russian Belbek airfield in Crimea, as a result of which the “bunker of the radar control coordination center” was destroyed, which further undermined the potential of Russian aviation.

This is stated in the British intelligence report of the UK Ministry of Defense.< /p>

“This will almost certainly degrade the Russian Federation's ability to coordinate air activity in the Black Sea region, increasing dependence on an already overstretched fleet of A-50 aircraft, as well as strains on the increasingly depleted experienced personnel who can direct air operations,” – noted in British intelligence. invasion of Ukraine.

Given the fighting in Ukraine, “it is almost certain that Russian pilots and ground personnel are suffering from exhaustion and battle fatigue,” the report says.

“Any further attacks on critical coordination nodes in Crimea will almost certainly increase this pressure, creating an increased likelihood of error or miscalculation for Russian aviation,” British intelligence adds.


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