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The transport committee of the parliament reviewed the new work of the Libidska bill

Work on the renovation of the Teremki metro is ongoing according to schedule.

About This informs RBC-Ukraine that it has sent a message to the people's deputy, member of the transport committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Kostyantin Bondarev, for the results of the dispute with the head of the Kyiv Metro, Viktor Braginsky.

“As a representative of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for Transport, I met with the head of the Kyiv Metro CP, Viktor Braginsky. His current project for the renovation of the metro tunnel is being submitted for examination. After approval, the lines in “Everything works according to the schedule,” – informing Kostyantin Bondarev.

You also especially traveled by metro and ground transport, which runs through the damaged subway sections. And he said that the road from “Teremki” to “Lybidska” took him about 20 minutes.

Bondarev also told other fakes about the work of the “blue” metro line.

“The metro between the stations “Teremki” and “Golosiivska” operates in shuttle mode. The metro stations “Teremki”, “Ipodrom”, “Exhibition Center”, “Golosiivska”, “Demiivska” operate as a shelter. The one who dispelled the fakes, what “The stations are closed forever, which affects people's lives insecurity. The mechanism for turning the bills on the transport card, when you are transferring from one type of transport to another, is neglected. The bills are turned on the coming day,” said Bondarev.

In addition, the people's deputy guessed the latest findings of ship experts about the causes of the accident – an unclear project and ongoing work.

“I’ve figured out who is to blame for the interruption of the metro between “Lybidska” and “Demiivska” and how to make sure that the situation did not repeat itself in the future,” Bondarev said.

Previously, the director of the Department of Transport Infrastructure of the KMDA, Ruslan Kandibor, informed that scientific and visual robots are approaching completion. Oriented towards the end of the wormhole – the line of ruins of the well-maintained metro tunnel may be undergoing renovations.

It was also reported that experts from the Scientific Research Ship Expert Installation at the front sections called the reasons for the deformation of the tunnel between metro stations “Demiivska” and “Lybidska” unclear design solutions for the construction of the tunnel between the emergency plot and unclear daily installation work for the construction of the tunnel of the entire plot.

Mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klych to inform that between the metro stations “Teremki” and “Lybidska” there are 82 buses at a time and 20 trolleybuses.

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