• 19/07/2024 00:09

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a tanker that was used by the enemy as a control point

The Russians have included the Mekhanik Pogodin ship in their electronic warfare system.

Destroyed “Mechanik Pogodin”

The Ukrainian Naval Forces reported another destroyed ship of the occupiers. However, this time the situation is unique: we are talking about a tanker that was not even could have gone down because it was already broke.

As the Navy notes on its Facebook page, the Mekhanik Pogodin vessel, owned by a Russian company from St. Petersburg, came under arrest in 2018 and was in port of Kherson until the summer of 2023. After the invaders blew up the dam of the Kakhovka Reservoir, the tanker was washed downstream and washed ashore on the temporarily occupied Kinburg Spit.

On the ship, which was no longer suitable for maritime affairs, the Russians set up a reconnaissance post and installed electronic warfare technology. FPV drone strikes were also carried out from there.

On March 11, the control center on the tanker was destroyed by a successful strike by the Ukrainian Air Force, because the ship met the definition of a military facility.

The Russians are afraid to take ships into the Black Sea – the longest pause has yet been observed. The previous “victim” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was the patrol ship “Sergei Kotov”. Of the 13 large landing ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, only 5 remained afloat >


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