• 25/07/2024 00:36

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed two enemy Pion cannons, which the Russians used to attack Kherson

The occupiers continue to shell the front-line zone of the Kherson region.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed two enemy Pion cannons, with which the Russians attacked Kherson

front-line settlements of the Kherson region, and also a regional center. However, the Defense Forces managed to destroy at night two Pion-type MLRS cannons, which the Russians use for shelling in residential areas of Kherson.

“The enemy does not give up trying to apply maximum pressure with artillery… We continue to hold positions on the left bank, 10 assaults were again against our troops, but we… continue to work to expand the bridgehead. Also at night, the enemy used attack drones, there was an attack again, this time it was concentrated in the Kherson region, on the front-line territory. It was not possible to avoid hits there, but the hits fell on those settlements where almost everything had already been destroyed. The enemy simply continues the terror,” noted Gumenyuk.

The representative added that the defenders of OK “Yug” managed to destroy two “Pion” ROVD guns, which the enemy uses to attack Kherson and other populated areas.


Also, in the south, the air defense shot down two enemy suicide bombers.

During the day, the Defense Forces destroyed another 750 Russian soldiers and 16 enemy tanks. Enemy losses amount to 358,270 people.


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