• 22/07/2024 06:08

The Ukrainian Armed Forces named the most in-demand specialists

Among the main ones are the infantry.

He noted that now the most widespread training in the Ground Forces is the training of the infantryman.

“Without disparaging their roles, drones, tankers, artillerymen, mortarmen, anyone, are very important. But today it is infantry,” the commander emphasized.

Recruiting and mobilization in Ukraine

  • Last month, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Natalya Kalmykova and the CEO of the search service work of Robota.ua Valeriy Reshetnyak signed a Memorandum of Cooperation within the framework of the Ministry of Defense recruitment project. This is the third company with which a corresponding agreement has been signed. The fourth was Olx.ua.
  • In November, the Ministry of Defense announced that it would conduct recruiting for the Armed Forces through the website Work.ua. Previously, the Ministry of Defense began a recruiting project with the organization Lobby X.
  • The Ministry is also discussing recruiting for the Defense Forces not in general for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but separately for each type of troops. This is a model used in the U.S. Then the types of troops compete for mobilization resources and promote their ideology.


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