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The Ukrainian delegation to Eurovision was fined for T-shirts with an inscription about the defenders of Azovstal

Any statements and brands on the clothing of participants are prohibited, but the team took a risk.

alyona said on her Instagram page about T-shirts with the inscription “Free the defenders of Azovstal”, which the delegation showed on camera during their stay in the greenroom. As it turned out, our national broadcaster was forced to pay a fine for this step.

According to the singer, any inscriptions or brands on the performers’ clothing were strictly prohibited, so security demanded that everything that seemed to her not comply with the rules be removed or covered up. . The team had to wear T-shirts under other clothes and quickly “reveal” when a camera approached them during replays of their performances.

The artist says that it was a big risk, but everything turned out to be a fine from the organizers. The whole world saw an important call.

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