• 14/07/2024 10:19

The Ukrainian Navy reported about the reduction to the control center “Mechanic Pogodin”

The Ukrainian Navy recovered the tanker “Mechanik Pogodin”, which the Russians turned into a control center Nya.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a post on the page of the Ukrainian Navy on the social network Facebook.

“11 March 2024, following a successful strike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area and Kinburskaya Spit The tanker under the ensign of the Russian Federation “Mechanik Pogodin” was demolished, which the Russians were victorious as a control point,” the Navy reported.

2 March 2018 to the fate of the VEB – Leasing OJSC (St. Petersburg) company, which is to build the tanker, Bula was included in the sanction list and was arrested. After the dam of the Kakhovka HPP was destroyed in 2023, the tanker was thrown onto the territory, which was immediately controlled by the occupiers.

“The tanker “Mechanik Pogodin” was arrested and until the summer of 2023 was located on the territory of the Kherson Sea whom port. After the Russians destroy the Kakhovskaya dam The hydroelectric tanker was thrown onto the shore of the Kinbur Spit, as the Russians were constantly monitoring it,” the Navy reported.

The Russians set up a guard point on the ship for reconnaissance. The vessel was victorious for carrying out drone strikes in the Kherson region.

“Further away, the enemy on the unknown vessel set up a guard post for reconnaissance, as well as for the purpose of recon. The vessel was periodically victorious as a platform for carrying out FPV drone strikes against territory of the Kherson region,” the Navy reported.

The depletion of the Russian tanker “Mechanik Pogodin” has not made the implementation of their plans even more inspiring, and it has been continued in the future Compliance with the norms of International Humanitarian Law.

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