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The United States arrested a businessman who, in circumvention of the sanctions, used the Russian Federation's airlines.

The United States of America has arrested a businessman who, bypassing sanctions, imposed on Russian companies, let's knit From the FSB, forwarders. You face up to 20 criminal charges.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a letter sent to the US Department of Justice.

A citizen of the United States, Israel and Russia has been arrested in Los Angeles for suspected participation in a rich scheme for the illegal export of sensitive technologies from the United States in the interests of Russian business.

“This business was subject to sanctions by the US authorities after Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine in the bitter 2022, and among its clients there are elements of the Russian armored forces and the Federal Security Service,” – y go into detail.

Based on court documents, Kan faces criminal charges of violating the export control reform law. Once Visannaya Kanennim is the gigor of the maximum punch at the visimi 20 Rocks of prison uvesennya.

Details control

kan є senesys incorporated, Bazo in the Californi, I sensor design association, in the adversary addresses in the Brookery .

These two companies were involved in the development of software security and testing silicon wafers for military avionics and space equipment, for which they took part in rich information with the method of adding sensitive and foldable electronics from the USA to Russian business, so is under sanctions, without revoking the licenses.

Russian enterprise Joint Stock Company “Center for Research and Development “Elvis” was added to the list of organizations of the Ministry of Trade in the beginning of 2022, it received the sanction of the Ministry of Trade In the spring of 2022, due to its major role in the coordinated invasion of Russian armored forces in Ukraine.

In 2019, Kan exported a number of microcontrollers from American manufacturing to the Elvis company in Russia, and in 2022, it exported edge-interface controllers from American manufacturing and radio frequency transmissions to the Elvis company in Russia for additional purposes via Hong Kong.

Delivery of the airlines

Kan also organized for “Elvis” the supply of wireless networks installed in Taiwan after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the bitter end of 2022.

Zokrema, after being a Taiwanese company that produced telephone lines distributed by Elvis, was inspired to supply these telephone lines to Russia, Kan, organizing the delivery of telephone lines for delivery to Spoluch them from the States, and then re-exporting them to Russia.

Kan Hong Kong has also been used by other places around the world as transit points to circumvent US export laws and regulations and attract Russian foreigners.

Russia to circumvent sanctions

On the beginning of today Lensky has already stated that Russia has begun to circumvent the current sanctions, they were against Moscow for its large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Politico also wrote that Russia is making significant efforts to circumvent sanctions in the technology sector. This will allow Moscow to break down and continue the war against Ukraine.

A Czech intelligence official has been saying for days that Russian intelligence services, as previously active in Europe, are helping to circumvent sanctions ї European Union.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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