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The United States condemned parliamentary and local elections in Belarus

US Department of State Speaker Matthew Miller stated that the elections in Belarus were ruined.

Register of the US Department of State Matthew Miller stated this, reports RBC-Ukraine in a message sent to the agency’s social network on Twitter.

Miller stated that the Belarusian government was cheating in the elections, which is why it was not democratic.

“All independent political parties were registered in the registration. Belarusians, who were behind the cordon, could vote only once turning to Minsk, where they, for all that, were subject to repression. This evil is actually for froze the document “political activity and political discourse in Belarus,” the statement says.

According to Miller, the security organization in Europe was unable to guard the elections.

” We have received the States to know the strength, resilience and courage of the huge union and democratic movement of Belarus. The United States is once again calling on the Lukashenka regime to impose repression, release all political ties and promote dialogue with its political opponents. The Belarusian people deserve more,” says the document.

Earlier we wrote that the leader of the Belarusian regime, Alexander Lukashenko, announced that he would again elect the President of Belarus.

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