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The United States has blocked certain companies from doing business with China: a ready list

The US has blocked certain companies from doing business with China: ready list

USA on China, including companies on the list of the Ministry of Defense that can help Beijing build up its army.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Reuters.

This decision is partly a broader effort of the United States To protect the national interests of the country.

The list includes the memory chip generator YMTC, the artificial intelligence company Megvii, the leader generator Hesai Technology and the technology company NetPosa.

< p>On aphids between the USA And China, which is to be expected, the updated list is yet another move by Washington to exchange Chinese military potential.

The Chinese embassy in Washington issued a statement protesting the US decision to include new Chinese companies on the Department of Defense list. The embassy called the decision illegal and in accordance with the strict principles of market economics and international trade.

Although inclusion on the list does not entail a negative penalty, it could be a blow to the reputation of the companies included on the list. to former American organizations and companies about the risks of doing business with them. This can also put pressure on the Ministry of Finance, or it has imposed sanctions on the company.

US sanctions against China

US sanctions against China are a complex of economic and political restrictions that the United States introduced to China in order to limit its economic growth, military growth and inflow from viti .

US sanctions against China fall into two main categories:

  • Sanctions related to trade and investment. These sanctions are aimed at limiting China's access to American markets, technology and investment. These include restrictions on technology exports to China, restrictions on investment in Chinese companies and restrictions on trade with China.
  • Sanctions related to human rights. These sanctions are aimed directly at the violation of human rights in China. These include restrictions on travel by Chinese officials, restrictions on the import of Chinese goods derived from the scourge of Primus, and restrictions on the financing of Chinese companies committed to the violation of human rights.

On Guess what's coming in 2023 The United States blocked the import into the country of products of the Chinese manufacturer of printers Ninestar, as well as the chemical company Xingjang Zhongtai Chemical due to the violation of human rights.

We also wrote that China has established border crossings against the American some exploration company Kharon and two physical characteristics This was a confirmation of the US sanctions against Beijing.

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