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The United States said that the shelling of Odessa was related to “elections” in the occupied territories

The United States states that it will never recognize Russian claims to any sovereign territory of Ukraine.

The United States said that the shelling of Odessa was related to the "elections&quot

US Permanent Representative to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield, during a speech at a meeting of the Security Council, called the brutal shelling of Odessa on March 15 and the “pseudo-elections” in the occupied territories of Ukraine as related processes.

As Ukrinform reports, the United States considers these two events part of the Kremlin’s strategy to seize Ukrainian lands

The diplomat used the saying regarding Russia’s actions: “If it happens once, it’s an accident, twice it’s a coincidence, three times it’s a pattern.” This means that the Russian Federation is carrying out a fictitious expression of will in the occupied Ukrainian territories for at least the third time lands: first an illegal referendum in Crimea, then “voting” on the peninsula during the 2018 presidential elections and now again illegitimate “elections.”

Ms. Thomas-Greenfield emphasized that the United States “will never recognize Russia’s claims to any territory of Ukraine and unequivocally condemn the continuation of the occupation.”

  • As a result of the shelling of Odessa on Thursday, 20 people were killed and 73 were wounded.
  • The Verkhovna Rada appealed to international organizations condemn the “elections” in the occupied territories.


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