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The United States will not help Ukraine shoot down kamikaze drones, as they did in Israel

Received The States do not intend to shoot down Iranian kamikaze drones, as they have been doing with their allies for an hour Iranian attacks on Israel. The war at the Close Convergence and the war in Ukraine have a different nature.

As stated by the coordinator of strategic communications for national security, John Kirby, RBC-Ukraine reports that he sent a briefing to Bilom at the house.

Regarding the food, the United States is ready to shoot down the Iranian kamikaze drones, just as they stinked in Israel before the attack on Iran, he said:

“I know what the food is not like. Listen, let's talk about “Different conflicts, different expanses, different threat patterns,” Kirby said.

Having also noted that from the very beginning of the conflict, the President (Joe Biden – ed.) made it clear that the United States does not plan to take part in the fighting in Ukraine.

“We provide Ukraine with the kind of armor it requires , for the protection of this vast expanse. And unfortunately, today we cannot earn anything, since we do not have the additional financial support for national security that Ukraine will require,” adding Kirby.

Large-scale attack and Iran to Israel

On the night of the 14th century, Iran launched a large-scale attack on Israel with strike drones and missiles. Targets were launched both from the territory of Iran and by puppets of the Iranian regime from the territory of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

Iran and terrorist groups controlled by it were launched on the territory of I Israel has over 200 drones and nearly 150 missiles. Most of all, except for the inclusion of a number of ballistic missiles, were shot down.

The US military, in support of the destroyers at the Close Meeting, shot down over 80 kamikaze drones and at least 6 ballistic missiles launched from Iran and Yemen.

Earlier on Monday, the 15th quarter, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, David Cameron, stated that the military forces of the country cannot shoot down drones over Ukraine, as they did in Israel l. Behind these words there is a risk of escalation and large-scale war in Europe.

In addition, the United States announced its intention to help Israel defend itself rather than stop the war with Iran.

Terms Read important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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