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The US and Israel have established a dialogue to discuss attacks against civilians in the Gaza Strip

The United States has established a negotiation channel with Israel to discuss details of the incidents in the Gaza Strip , in some Israeli The military killed or injured civilians and carried out strikes on civilian objects.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via communications to Reuters.

The connection was established after contacts began ku sichnya US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken with the military cabinet to Israel. Under the hour, Blinken detected a surge of “steady” reports about Israeli strikes, which either hit humanitarian targets or lead to the death of a large number of civilians. p>

The US Secretary of State told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Galant and Minister Benny Gantz that Washington should know the “looks” on notifications about the strikes, and will What is the “reliable channel” through which the States could regularly destroy such food with Israelis.

The channel has become a witness to the growing pressure on the Biden administration through the evidence of victims among the Palestinian civilian population in the wake of Israel's campaign against Hamas. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, more than 25 thousand died as a result of military operations in the Gaza Strip. In fact, millions of people have become forced migrants.

According to another American official, through this channel Washington is discussing with the Israelis “a specific incident that raises concerns” related to the military campaign against Israel in the Gaza Strip. The Israelis will conduct investigations and provide the Americans with a return link.

The channel operates through diplomats from the US Embassy in Jerusalem, the regional bureau of the State Department that deals with the Near Retreat, and the special envoy of President Joe Biden for Humanitarian Affairs Tatar food in the region by David Satterfield.

“The Biden administration has so far been willing to directly criticize Israel for the number of casualties among the civilian Palestinian population, although Biden’s senior aides have stated that “too many” Palestinians have died in the conflict. America All officials were willing to say that Washington is considering the possibility of investigating Israel's violation of international rules on the battlefield. war,” says Reuters.

War between Israel and Palestinian groups Hamas

On June 7, 2023, Hamas militants launched a military attack on Israeli territory in the Gaza Strip. Over the first few days, radical Islamists killed 1,200 civilians and soldiers and stole nearly 250 individuals.

Finally, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) began military operations on the ground fight in the Gaza Strip against the militants. Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the goal of the operation is to reduce the operational and administrative capabilities of Hamas, as well as to free up the guarantors.

22 days Defense Forces Israel launched a new great attack on the western part of Khan-Yunis on Days of the Gaza Strip. The operation is accompanied by large-scale military operations.

24 today, Israel and Hamas have reached an early stage to ignite the fire for a month and new ground for the exiled guarantors.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blee Nken called on Israel to take charge of additional harm to the civilian population in the region of military operations.

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