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The US Congress praised the bill to overcome the shutdown and sent it to Biden

The US House of Representatives praised the time-honored bill on funding the federal government until the beginning of pregnancy and health care Iganya of the private closure . It was sent to President Joe Biden after final approval.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via Reuters.

So, 314 votes were for the bill, 108 legislators were against, among them – 106 republicans and two democrats.

The Senate praised the bill earlier, voting for the new one by a 77-18 vote even before the end of the term set over the weekend.

“We have good news for America. There will be no closure on Friday,” the Senate leader said Most Chuck Schumer (Democrat from the state of New York) is ahead of the vote in the Senate.

The document will extend the timely funding of federal programs until two terms – 1st and 8th pregnancy.

What has changed

It is likely that just a few months ago, US President Joe Biden asked Congress to allocate more than 100 billion dollars for the national security needs. They wanted to transfer close to 60 billion dollars from these funds to the new financial assistance to Ukraine.

Although such a package was not approved by Congress. The Republicans spoke out against it. The stinks are calling for the White House to introduce more harsh approaches to its proposal to protect cordons from migrants.

For the past month, talks have been going on between Republicans and Democrats on a compromise nutrition cordons.

President in advance Joe Biden asked Democratic and Republican leaders in the House and Senate to discuss his initiative.

Yesterday, ZMI reported that the president was poised to force immigration policy, as they wanted publications.

Years ago, the US Senate praised the bill to speed up spending in order to avoid the shutdown. The voting took place just over 24 years before, as the financing of many government institutions would have been of little use.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram .

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