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The US has already directed GLSDB bombs to the Ukrainian military, – Nuland

American GLSDB bombs are already heading to the front for the destruction of the Ukrainian military. This is provided within the framework of assistance from the United States.

As the RBC-Ukraine correspondent reports, US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said this at a briefing in Kiev.

Vona guessed that at the beginning of the large-scale invasion of the Russians, the Ukrainian invaders were able to deoccupy 50% of the territory that the aggressor wanted to try. The same significant surpluses were awarded to the Russian Ground Forces and the Russian Black Sea Fleet. This led to the growth of the Ukrainian economy from 4% to 5%, which “may end the world.”

Nuland also said that the United States will continue to provide Ukraine with assistance in the security sector.< /p>

“This includes new investments and new weapons systems, such as light bombs of small diameter (Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb, GLSDB – ed.), which are direct to the front, as well as support for the modernization of the defense-industrial base of Ukraine and “our power, to ensure that we can continue to fight against those who want to steal freedom,” Nuland said.

The Secretary of State’s Advocate said that Kiev was talking about the climate for international investment and continued development of Ukrainian institutions , which is necessary to fight corruption and the shadow economy.


It seems that just yesterday, on the 30th, Politico reported on those that today’s Ukrainian military might be taken away bomby GLSDB. You can use them for additional HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. The range of the fire is 150 kilometers.

However, the US Department of Defense confirmed that such communications have occurred, but did not name the exact terms of transmission.

Terms and important information about it Well, Russia is against it Read about Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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