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The US needs Zelensky to clarify the war plan, – Bloomberg

The United States wants Ukraine to thoroughly refine its plan to combat Russian invasions, oski Since the war is already raging the third river . American partners plan to discuss this with President Volodymyr Zelensky this coming year during the World Economic Forum in Davos.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via Bloomberg.

The agency notes that The topic of the Ukrainian leader is likely to ruin the US President's national security policy Jake Sullivan. People familiar with the plans said on the basis of anonymity that American officials will continue to press on this topic in the coming years to discuss non-public matters.

A clear strategy is required

The reason for the discussion And those, according to Bloomberg, are suffering and problems , that for the rest of the time we are stuck between Washington and Kiev.

First of all, over 110 billion dollars of European and American aid will be blocked, and the counter-offensive of the Defense Forces in 2023 will not be able to ensure a serious breach, despite the support of the American and European defense.

In other words, official persons In Washington, the differences between Zelensky and the head commander of the ZSU Valery Zaluzhny are strengthened by the development of a new strategy.

“Representatives of the countries of the Alliance do not lose hope that help can be given as early as the coming month, although Washington still has no signs of success,” the source said. about the Ukrainian military Plans for 2024 are now being fleshed out, and a new range of options is being considered. Now the United States wants to figure out how best to straighten its efforts to help Ukraine seize its fate.

While the final breakthrough in the coming months is small, Kiev's allies indicate that the most important thing is to develop a clear military strategy to protect their positions and further breach through Russian defense lines.

Insanely, Kiev’s efforts to achieve progress on the front are often delayed further completion of key upgrades, such as long-range missiles and military weapons, and the allied powers do not give up on their demands for the transfer of a large amount of armored and artillery ammunition to Ukraine.

< p>Bloomberg indicates that Ukraine's anti-anti-anti-prototype defense will rely on stable supplies from its foreign allies. Apparently, Russia carried out one of the heaviest missile attacks over the entire period of the war during the rest of this year. One of the members of the Group of Seven (G7) noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin may become even more humorous after he formally changes to a new term.

Fundamental assistance for the restoration has stalled

Dzherela also indicated that the United States and their G7 allies are also working with Ukraine to complete long-term bilateral challenges in the security sector, which are poised to fall into a fierce situation.

“It’s our fault, the nobility, what kind of person ( Ukraine. – Ed.) plan, and I believe that the administration is also pushing on this. They can’t clearly say what victory looks like,” said Republican Senator from Iowa Joni Ernst on Wednesday, 10 September.

The United States and Ukraine have previously differed on military strategy. American officials would have wanted Ukraine to concentrate a small-scale counter-offensive on concentrated forces across the Russian lines in modern Ukraine, rather than stretching its resources on a broader front.

Water of the hour The active Kiev and other allies respect the correct approach of the Defense Forces to disengage the Russian military and block their logistics, and even the ZSU is not a little hidden from the back, and it would be more important for them to carry out a counter-offensive through the loss of a special warehouse.

Shelling of the Russian Federation and strengthening of the Ukrainian defense forces

After the massive missile attacks on Russia on 29 September and 2009, people often began to lunately declare that Ukraine could face a shortage of ammunition for the reentry vehicle’s anti-aircraft defense systems. “Oliy vogon” is fueled by the Republicans in the US Congress blocking a new package of financing for Ukraine worth over 61 billion dollars.

For days, President Volodymyr Zelensky has been speaking to the people from military commands, under the hour it was discussed strengthening of Ukrainian PPO.

On Wednesday, 10 pm, I will visit Lithuania by Zelensky ahead, saying that the indifference of the allies “deprives Russia of greater courage and strength.” In his words, the capabilities of the air defense system will be exhausted, and even in the remaining years the aggressor will strengthen missile strikes.

Zelensky signed a joint statement with the President of Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda, which conveys special respect for Ukraine’s support of current air defense systems.

NATO countries agreed to continue to help Kiev and strengthen Ukraine’s PPO system.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram. em>

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