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The US Senate has gathered to help Ukraine: why they may not vote today

The US Senate met to consider the food supply for aid to Ukraine i. Otherwise, the remaining vote for the bill, proposed by Republican Mike Johnson, may not take place today.

RBC-Ukraine reports that today there will be a final vote in the Senate.

During the preparation of the material, the following were reviewed: the report to the US Senate, the report of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmigal and the Ambassador of Ukraine to the US Oksana Markarova, the publications of Politico and CNN.


If the US Senate is just to praise I will help Ukraine

Broadcast of the meeting of the US Senate:

With the US Senate scheduled, today senators are scheduled to hold two roll call votes on bills to help Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan and feed the US National Security.

The first vote will be a proposal to introduce Senator Chuck Schumer's amendment to H.R. 815, which would consolidate all bills into one package, as praised by the House of Representatives. Along with these documents, they will be added as one amendment to the Senate bill HR.815, which will be adopted on the 13th of 2024.

Another vote is the beginning of a review of the package of bills through an accelerated procedure, which makes long-term debates more difficult than anything else. This procedure is also called “under the filibuster.” The filibuster allows senators to debate endlessly. One time senator, who was nobed to Promov Ponad 21, Previl.

for Podolizhni Flistura, Trevoyno Schonaymenha 60 Voice Zi 100, and an step -up democratic bilshosti is known to the preparation of the yak at least 9 Respubkanitsyv. Looking at those in the Republican Party in the Senate there are enough cronies of Ukraine, the problems with this country are certainly not to blame.

After this, the American Senate will have 30 years to discuss the bill (although no more than 1 year per senator) and the rest will praise him.

“Last time in the fierce, the speeches of senators were troubling all night. And in fact The importance of this part of the procedure will depend on how many senators are expected to speak and how long it takes,” explained Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova.

And then, the final vote will undoubtedly take place before June 23rd quarter , or tomorrow, 24th quarter.

What's in the bill about aid to Ukraine

According to the bill, which has already been praised by the US House of Representatives, about 61 billion dollars will be transferred to help Ukraine, of which:

However, 7.8 billion in budgetary support will be given to Ukraine as a loan, which will be determined by the mutual consent of Kiev and Washington. The bill introduces the possibility of writing off Ukraine's loan, but not before the US presidential election.

In addition, the bill would allow the US to transfer frozen Russian assets to support Ukraine, as well as the US President's request to transfer far-reaching assets to Ukraine and ATACMS missiles, as do not harm American national security.

If Ukraine rejects aid from the United States

Washington promised that the bill would soon be signed by the American President, praised by both chambers of the US Congress. And, as it turns out, the new package of military aid from the United States will be seen by Ukraine immediately after the document is signed.

As the American Politico wrote, the new package of military aid to Ukraine from the United States will be shim, ring low. Until then, armored vehicles, Bradley fighting vehicles, M113 armored personnel carriers and old Hummers, as well as artillery shells and anti-aircraft defense capabilities.

At the same time, according to CNN, the Ukrainians may battles ATACMS. The smell will probably go away before the first tranche of the draft, which will be sent to Ukraine after the decision of the US Congress. Most of this equipment is already in Germany and Poland, so that its delivery to Ukraine will be faster.

I guess, the American publication Bloomberg wrote that Germany called on the United States to transfer Ukraine to one additional Patriot anti-aircraft defense system.

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