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The Vatican clarified the Pope's scandalous statement about peace negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation

cerevnik Vatican Matteo Bruni Prosper I will tell Papi Rimy about the “Biliy Popropor” resonance the need for peace negotiations with Russia. The office stated that the pontiff is not interested in the capitulation of Kiev, but rather in dialogue through negotiations.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a post on Vatican News.

According to Bruni’s words, in In an interview with a Swiss TV channel, Francis decided to promote the image of a “white ensign” by the journalist to signify the implementation of military actions, a truce, which would not be enough to achieve through the courage to negotiate.

In another place in the interview, speaking about a different situation of conflict, but not paying attention to the personal situation of war, the pontiff clearly stated: “Negotiations are not capitulation.”

Keri The press service also noted that the Pope confirmed his “deep sympathy” for the Ukrainian people and called on all sides to “create minds for diplomatic excellence in the pursuit of a just and troubling world.”

He added that in his own interview the pontiff said: “Negotiations are not “capitulation.”

Resonant statement of the Pope

The fierce Pope gave an interview to the Swiss TV channel RSI, which he planned to publicize on the 20th of February. However, the Reuters agency went through and published a record of the pontiff's rise.

At the hour of the rise, a journalist asked the Pope: “In Ukraine, people are calling for the courage to recognize capitulation, for the “white ensign.” However, others seem to have settled down It favors the stronger side. What do you think?”.

Pope Francis Verdov: “It’s all about interpretation. But I respect that the powerful are the ones who handle the situation, who think about the people, who have the courage to raise a great flag in order to negotiate. And today And negotiations can be conducted with the assistance of international forces. The word “negotiate” is a brave word. If you are in trouble, that things are not going well, you must have the courage to negotiate… “.

Francis's position before the war in Ukraine

In the present day, the Pope of Rome stated, This adds to the threat that the world may forget Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Last spring, a member of the Catholic Church declared that the war in Ukraine was beneficial for the arms dealers.

Last year, Francis complained about the expansion of Russian imperialism in the hour of brutalization to the Russians. Catholics.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine stated that Francis’s words are primarily imperialist propaganda, by which the Kremlin is justifying the killing of thousands of Ukrainians and Ukrainians and the depletion of hundreds of Ukrainian towns and villages.

The pontiff also noted , so many words were not formulated.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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