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“The war cannot end only with peace”: the Prime Minister of Bulgaria called before the latest tribunal

Bulgaria supports Ukraine’s “formula” to the world and is ready to work within the international coalition for the return of those deported to Russia's Ukrainian children.

RBC-Ukraine reports this with a statement sent by Prime Minister of Bulgaria Nikolai Denkov at the hour of his strong press conference with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“M and encourage drying “Formula for peace” of Ukraine in order to achieve a fair international peace on the principles of the UN,” Denkov supported.

The Prime Minister of Bulgaria also declared his readiness to cooperate in the context of an international coalition with the return of Ukrainians people illegally deported Russia.

“Bulgaria is a country that takes part in this. The war cannot end only peacefully. One day a tribunal may be opened to restore justice. And I call on the international community to do this the day of Yakomoga Shvidshe has arrived”, – Vin said.

It seems that today it became known that the Prime Minister of Bulgaria and his delegation will arrive on a visit to Ukraine.

Help for Ukraine from Bulgaria

Bulgaria from the beginning in a large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Ukraine is given a variety of I will help.

Previously, the Bulgarian parliament ratified the agreement on the supply of armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.

After which the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Nikolay Denkov stated that the parliament has the majority to undermine the veto imposed by the regional President Rumen We are happy about the supply of armored vehicles to Ukraine.

In addition, Bulgaria will transfer to Ukraine approximately 150 thousand euros for humanitarian assistance through the difficult situation through the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.

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