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The war in Ukraine may continue for another two to five years, regardless of the new US president, CNN sources (added)

But Trump's victory threatens that Ukraine may not even receive approved aid.

The war in Ukraine may continue for another two to five years regardless of the new US president, CNN sources (added)

Regardless of that Who will win the next US presidential election, American and Western intelligence suggests that the war in Ukraine will last several more years. CNN writes about this, without indicating who exactly announced this data.

Estimates vary, but virtually all suggest the fighting will continue for at least several years. Privately, some U.S. and Western officials have said the fighting could continue for another five years.

That has led Joe Biden's administration officials and lawmakers, including some Republicans, to seek to approve and provide funding for Ukraine before the election. .< /p>

“It is important not only that the funds are allocated, but that they are disbursed before the election, since any FY24 funds still awaiting spending could be blocked by Trump,” said one interlocutors.

Another person familiar with the discussions said some lawmakers, such as Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham and Republican Michael McCall, were among those who pushed last fall for Congress to approve enough funding to maintain Ukraine's military until the 2024 elections. Ultimately, the administration asked for $60 billion for Ukraine, but Congress failed to reach an agreement by the new year, and doing more in a busy election year may be little more than a pipe dream, this source said.

“We're out of money,” said a US military official stationed in Europe.

One source familiar with Western intelligence said: “Basically, everything depends on Biden being re-elected, doesn’t it?”

Continued Western support for Ukraine is critical, officials say US faces. and the West, even though the battle lines have remained largely static over the past few months following the Ukrainian offensive.

Addition. U.S. officials estimate that Ukraine is expected to spend 2024 working to strengthen its defense industrial base and rebuild its strength. In 2025, they expect an increase in the intensity of hostilities, as Ukraine may launch a counter-offensive.

Financial Times notes that the Ukrainian army is moving to an active defense, as it is believed that it may be preparing a new major offensive this summer. reports “Ukrainian Truth”.

The commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces, Alexander Syrsky, reported on the active defense. According to him, among the goals of the Ukrainian army is to maintain its positions and exhaust the occupiers.

The same assumption about a Russian offensive in 2024 was voiced by members of the Ukrainian special services, quoted by the FT.

True, despite such desires, it is unknown whether Russia will be able to realize such a plan. The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Kirill Budanov, expressed doubt that the Russians will be able to produce so much ammunition and mobilize manpower to achieve this goal, even with the help of the DPRK. What is happening with US help to Ukraine is that money to help Ukrainians, as well as time for this, is running out, the White House warned Congress in early December.

  • Since the end of 2023, the bill, which includes providing Ukraine with $60 billion in aid, has been suspended. The document, in addition to assistance to Ukraine and Israel, contains provisions on strengthening the security of its own border with Mexico, and it is this part that has caused controversy between Republicans and Democrats. The former insist that the standards should be so strict that the latter do not agree to this.
  • Congress left for the holiday break without passing this bill. The Biden administration has signaled that it is ready to make concessions to the Republicans.
  • The Americans provided the last aid package to the Ukrainians on December 27. The $250 million aid included air defense equipment, among other things.
  • Biden held a meeting with Congress in mid-January on assistance to Ukraine. According to the Wall Street Journal, Democrats agreed to concessions on the border so that a bill with money for Ukrainians would be passed.
  • Meanwhile, House Speaker Mike Johnson spoke with former President Donald Trump about Congress' border negotiations. Trump urged Johnson to oppose the compromise.
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