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The White House announced that they are not saving money for new aid packages for Ukraine

The received States are no longer spending money to give Ukraine new packages of military supplies please help.

This was stated by the coordinator for the sake of national security of the White House, John Kirby, informing RBC-Ukraine of his requests for his video briefing.

“The President (USA Joe Biden – ed.) signed the remaining package of assistance to the security sector “We need additional support so that we can give Ukraine additional security assistance,” Kirby said.

In his words, soon, if the United States sees one packages of military aid, there will still be a delay for a number of days, however, because the remaining package of military aid has not yet been delivered to Ukraine.

“It will be in the coming days “Financing every day” , – the representative of the White House specified.

Vin also noted that he is unaware of any solution that could be made to renew Ukraine’s vision of new assistance packages in the defense sector.

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In spite of the fate of the past, Congress did not dare to praise the request of US President Joe Biden for the vision of over 100 billion dollars for the needs of the national security service, which transferred over 60 billion dollars to Ukraine.

The main stone The republicans, who were hoping to support the initiative, began to stumble. The stinks are stirring up so that the White House can contribute to its proposals to strengthen the security of the cordons.

Against this background, on the 27th, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced that the United States has given Ukraine a package of troops oh assistance for 250 million dollars, which can in the near future.

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