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The White House did not confirm Iran's sending of missiles to Russia, – Politico

The United States cannot confirm the information that Iran has transferred the ballistic no Russian missiles.< /p>

This was stated by White House National Security Coordinator John Kirby, transmitting RBC-Ukraine's message to Politico.

In his words, the United States has already announced Russia's attempts to send ballistic missiles to Iran in exchange “We have not yet received any confirmation that the missiles have effectively moved from Iran to Russia. We have no reason to care that the stench cannot be traced,” Kir said bi.

He also stated that in the coming days the White House will implement new sanctions against Iran based on its sales from Russia to Ukraine. Mova about drones of the “Shahed” type.

“We are requesting additional sanctions against Iran and coordinating further options with our allies and partners in Europe and other countries,” he said.

Kirby also noted that the United States has already demonstrated its commitment to the military partnership between Russia and Iran in the past. So be it so, there is evidence of Iran's constant support for Russia's brutal war.

Foreign war in Russia

Iran became the first country that began to supply Russia with arms for the war with Ukraine edge. Thus, in Iran, the Russian army is steadily repelling Shahed strike drones that are attacking Ukrainian places and infrastructure. In addition, Iran has helped Russia benefit from the proliferation of these drones.

In addition to Iran, the Russians will receive their protection from Northern Korea. From the very beginning, the Russian Federation took artillery shells and ammunition for the RSZV from the DPRK.

However, it recently became clear that Northern Korea transferred its ballistic missiles to the Russian Federation. The Russians have already attacked Ukraine with these missiles.

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