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The ZSU assessed the risk of a massive attack by the Russian Federation before Ukraine withdrew new aid from the United States

The Ukrainian ZSU forces did not turn off the likelihood of a massive attack on Ukraine from the side of the Russian Federation. Moreover, they may be released until new aid from the United States is withdrawn.

RBC-Ukraine reports this with a message to the riverine forces of the ZSU Illya Yvlash in the telethon.

“It's great, oh my god We are approaching and we may be prepared for any development, including until a massive attack arrives from our international partners, including. ISW”, – Rospov Vin.

If, in the words of the speaker, it is easy to say about the period, the enemy is constantly trying to change his tactics,

“We are trying to use different terms, to fight at different times in different ways. That is why our task is now just get ready and wait for the strengthening of our PPO systems and not just that,” stated Yvlash.

Help for Ukraine from the USA

Five days ago, the 20th quarter, the US House of Representatives praised the funding bill additional help to Ukraine . A few days after the House of Representatives, the package of military aid to Ukraine was praised by the US Senate. Later, US President Joe Biden signed a bill that would transfer over 60 billion dollars to help Ukraine. Now the United States can give Ukraine a new package of military assistance.

It is significant that The New York Times wrote that in the middle of the violent crisis, the head of the White House, Joe Biden, secretly decided to give Ukraine 100 missiles with a larger range ATACMS. More details about these missiles can be found in the material from RBC-Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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