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The ZSU took positions in the Berdychi area, the occupiers penetrated near Avdiivka: ISW maps

At the front in Ukraine there are positional battles on most direct lines. It is recorded that Russian fire guards are moving out of the Avdiivka area, and Ukrainian guards have established singing positions in the area of ​​the village of Berdychi.

RBC-Ukraine reports this, according to We rely on the Institute for Warfare (ISW).

Skhid Ukraine. Operation No. 1 – Lugansk region

On the 18th quarter there were positional battles on the line Kup'yansk – Svatove – Kreminna. The same positional battles took place on the day's approach from Svatovoy in the Sergievka area; for daily entry from Kreminnaya Bela Nevsky: for entry from Kreminnaya Bela Terniv and Yampolivka; and on the day from the Kreminna street of Bilogorivka.

The Russian “military correspondent” confirmed that the Russian military carried out an unsuccessful mechanized assault on the city of Yampolivka and Terniv.

Operation No. 2 – Donetsk region

On the 18th day of the day's retreat from Bakhmut in the Siversk area, positional battles were limited, but at this point the front line did not change. Positional battles also led to an early retreat from the Siverskaya Belya of Verkhnyokamyansky; on the day from the Siverska street of Rozdolivka; and for a daily sale from Siverska Bilya Viemka.

< p>It appears that the Russian Federation troops reached part of the drainage bank of the Siversky Donets-Donbas canal at the exit of the Chasovoy Yar as the fighting continued on the 18th quarter. The Russian “military correspondent” confirmed that Putin’s troops have reached a small section of the Siversky Donets-Donbas channel on the day of entry from the Chasovy Yar on the 17th quarter, but the ISW did not mark it visual confirmation of this affirmation. In addition, analysts from the Institute of Military Studies did not see any signs that the occupiers had seized the canal from this area, apparently.

The fighting began to gather at the end of the day near Chasovy Yar near Bogdanivka; at the exit from the Hourly Yar of Bil Ivanivsky; near the Canal microdistrict (extreme exit of the settlement of Chasiv Yar) and the Novy microdistrict (extreme exit of the settlement of Chasiv Yar); and on the day's descent from Chasovy Yar near Klishchivka.

Russian “military anchors” reported that the Russian military is carrying out important attacks with planned bombs on ZSU positions and ammunition depots near Chasovy Yar and so on.

The military forces of the Russian Federation made a very tactical advance towards an early approach from Avdiivka, reaching the area around Ocheretinoye and advancing to Kalinovoe, and the ZSU captured positions in this area by the 18th Vitnya. Geolocation images, published on the 18th quarter, show that the occupiers have penetrated approximately 3 kilometers along the Zaliznaya Gilka road to the flooded outskirts of Ocheretiny, and the Russian “military correspondent” in that the military forces of the Russian Federation have quickly stepped up after they removed the ZSU from its position at the dacha districts for the day's descent towards Ocheretinoye.

Additional geolocation frames, published on the 18th quarter, show that the Russian military departed from Novokalinovo (the first entry from Avdiivka and the exit from Ocheretinoye), and Ukrainian forces have encircled positions in the western Berdychi (on the daytime approach from Avdiivka and on the daytime entry from Ocheretinoye). Russian bloggers confirmed that the Russian troops had finally left for Ocheretina, had woken up enough for the day and arrived from Novokalinovoy and moved closer to Umansky and Netaylovy (on the way from Avdiivka), However, ISW did not know any visual confirmation of these assertions. “Voenkor” also confirmed that Putin's troops were able to achieve such progress because the Ukrainian troops were counterattacking near Berdychi.

There were also positional battles during the daylight approach from Avdiivka in the Novobakhmutivka area; at the entrance from Avdiivka, Semenivka and Yasnobrodivka; analysts reported on the day's approach to Avdiivka and Pervomaisky.

It appears that the more aggressive tactics of the Russian zagarbniks are in conflict with the Russian Federation’s significant successes in directing the Hourly Yar and around Avdiyivka to the deterioration of Ukraine’s defensive capabilities.

The Russian instructor of “Storm-Z” confirmed that the Russian Federation has achieved success initially in Avdiivtsi, then directly with Chasovoy Yar, and now with Ocheretin, carrying out “risky” operations – ruins i, frontal attacks combined with important artillery and airstrikes without forward I will attack on the flanks. The occupier also noted that the Russian forces carried out stream operations on the flanks of Ocheretinoye, squeezing the Ukrainian forces near Berdychi, Novokalinovoye and Keramika, in order to ensure that the Swedes could reach Ocheretinoye, but also called high costs. Ian in these operations is the “fact” of the battlefield. This discussion of the “Storm-Z” instructor is based on the ISW's precautions against Russian tactics, which is available in the publication.

“The discussion of the instructor is a symbol of the Russian military's achievement tactical successes are more consistent and on a larger number of plots on the front line without reduction of ground operations through the improvement of the defense capabilities of the Ukrainian troops through the waste of armor and ammunition,” analysts write in their opinion.

It appears that the Russian military recently emerged for a late approach from the city of Donetsk during the hour of positional fighting that was taking place on the 18th quarter. “Voenkor” confirmed on the 17th of April that the Russian Federation troops arrived at the approach from Solodkoye (on the day before approaching the city of Donetsk) directly to Vugledar, but ISW experts did not note visual confirmation of the firm nya.

18th quarter of the positional battles took place at the entrance to Donetsk in the area of ​​Krasnogorivka and at the evening exit from Donetsk in the area of ​​Pobeda, Novomikhaylivka and Vodyanoy (at the evening exit from Vugledar).

The 18th quarter involved positional battles in the area of ​​the administrative border of Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia some areas near Urozhainy and Staromayorsky (offense at the day of Velyka Novosilka).

“Pivdenna all”

On the 18th quarter at the entrance to the Zaporizhzhya region, positional combat operations took place, but no confirmation of a change in the front line was recorded at this time. Positional battles took place near Robotiny, Verbovoy (on the way out of Robotiny) and Malaya Tokmachka (on the outskirts of Robotiny).

Russian “military leaders” confirmed that Putin's armies then they slightly poked their way up to 400 meters near Robotin, but ISW did not find any visual confirmation of this claim.

On the 18th quarter, positional battles took place near Kryny on the left birch of the Kherson region.

Ukrainian officials indicated that the ZSU strikes will continue to disrupt the Russian Black Sea Fleet's activities in the Black Sea. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that intelligence reports indicate that Russia is moving its ships with Caliber missiles from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea after the Ukrainian strikes. Navy riverman, third-rank captain Dmitro Pletenchuk, noted that the formed Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation has lost more than 3 out of 6 submarine vessels equipped with “Calibers”, and that submarine vessels cannot operate in the lower part of Chor of the sea through the shallow waters.

Situation at the front < p>Previously, the General Staff reported on the evening of the 18th quarter that 71 combat operations had been recorded at the front.

Also, the military commanders were informed that the Defense Forces would strengthen the position on the left bank of the Dnieper, repelled the attacks of the Russians of the Pervomaisky prison near the Donetsk region, and the enemy is trying to break through the defenses of the ZSU in the area of ​​​​the village of Urozhaine.

It is reported that according to the General Staff of the camp in the early 18th quarter, the amount of waste of the Russian army in a special warehouse on the eve of a large-scale invasion of Ukraine is now close to 456,960 soldiers.

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