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Theft of 1.5 billion hryvnias on shells. The scandalous ex-official of the Ministry of Defense has cast off suspicion

A number of dignified officials of the Ministry of Defense and managers of the Lviv Arsenal were searched. The Posadovtsy are suspected of having stolen 1.5 billion hryvnia for the purchase of shells for self-propelled guns.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a letter sent to the Security Service of Ukraine and Vlasna Dzherela.

Vlasna Dzherela RBC- Ukraine reports that among the figures is the scandalous Oleksandr Liev, who was a ceramic maker in the Department of Military-Technical Policy, developing the developed and military equipment of the Ministry of Defense.

In addition, investigations were also made by the department's ceramics specialist, Toomas Nakhur.

As the investigation established, a number of high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Defense and other employees of affiliated companies were in steal 1.5 billion hryvnias for the addition of 100 thousand mortar rounds for self-propelled guns .

So, at the beginning of 2022, officials signed a contract for the purchase of a wholesale batch of shells from the Lviv Arsenal, after which the Ministry of Defense transferred the entire amount transferred by the signed document to the enterprise’s shells.

“After acquiring the money, the company’s management transferred part of the money to the balance sheet of a foreign commercial structure, which was not enough to supply ammunition to Ukraine. However, it did not send a single shell to our state, and the seizure of the money led to the shadows, another affiliated structure in the Balkans that has joined them “, – the SBU said.

The amount of money from the Ministry of Defense was lost in the accounts of a Ukrainian company in one of the capital's banks.

The SBU documented the scheme, and also made arrangements to ensure that the removed cat was arrested. It is now clear that food will be transferred to the budget.

The following were under suspicion: extensive and insufficient ceramics for the Department of Military-Technical Policy, the development of modern military equipment of the Ministry of Defense, a staff member and commercial director of the Lviv Arsenal company “, as well as their companion – a representative of a foreign commercial structure. I am facing up to 12 years in prison with confiscation of the lane.

One of the defendants was asked to try to leave the borders of Ukraine, while he is still under war. The supply of food at the outskirts of other persons involved in the infection is disrupted.

Reaction of the Ministry of Defense

The SBU noted that violating the schemes and documenting the evil was carried out for the polite relationship of the official Minister of Defense of Russia Umerov's theme. The Ministry of Defense itself announced the continuation of the “cleansing of the system.”

“The Ministry of Defense continues an uncompromising fight against those who steal money from the purchase of armor. We have no place for corrupt people. We are fighting not only against the Russian occupiers, but also against internal enemies “Iv. These are the changes that we have been told about, and this is the work we are doing,” – said the intercessor of the Minister of Defense Dmytro Klimenkov.

Scandal with the “Lviv Arsenal”

It seems that yesterday the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine sued the partnership with the interconnected branch (TOV) “Lvivsky” Arsenal” for 1.5 billion hryvnias.< /p>

The decision of the court has gained legal force and furthers the Primus Viconn.

In the spring of 2022, the Ministry of Defense entered into a contract with LLC “Lviv Arsenal” for the supply of a batch of mortar shells of 120 mm and 82 mm caliber for an amount of approximately 1.4 billion hryvnias.

The supply has little impact on the production line. y, but the department for prepayment of the contract did not take away anything.

Construction of Liev

Previously it was reported that the 1st hourly end of the construction work for the Department of Military-Technical Policy, the development of the military-technical policy and Defense Ministry technicians Oleksandr Liev wrote an application for release. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine was informed about the release of Oleksandr Liev for government duties.

Activities called Liev from the former Russian occupation of Crimea. They were constantly blocking the access of the Ukrainian military to the lighthouses, calling for “feel the Crime” and encouraging a “referendum” in the Crimea.

It is also guessable that 1 year ago the SBU conducted searches in ex-officials of the Ministry of Defense, deputy scandalous From purchases.

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