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There was a slight bump in the Khmelnitsky region

In the Khmelnytsky region, moons erupted last night, the 18th of April. The region was in a state of alarm due to the threat of stagnation of the “Shaheds”.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from reports on the “Suspilnya”.

Previously, the Ukrainian forces reported ZSU , that attack drones of the “Shahed” type were flying in the direction of Khmelnitsky, and then changed course to the place of Starokostyantyniv in the Khmelnytsky region.

It was windy

It was reported earlier that it was late yesterday i, 17th quarter, Russian troops launched kamikaze drones of the “Shahed” type from the sides of the currently occupied regions.

The attack drones flew to the windy expanse of the Donetsk region, flying near the banks of Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv ї regions. In addition, another group of drones flew from the side of Zaporizka to the area of ​​Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava regions. Residents of the Mykolayiv and Odessa regions also heard about the threat of the “Shaheds.”

The Ukrainian Defense Forces “previously fought” against kamikaze drones in the late 15th to 16th quarter. That same night, the enemy stationed 9 kamikaze drones for the attack, launching them from Chauda Missa in occupied Crimea. The combat robot's response to the attack took place in the territory of six regions.

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