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They became a threat to shipping. The US military captured Houthi drones near Yemen

Military services of the United States have developed a surface drone and a drone, about the bullets revealed in the control of the militants – Houthis in Yemenu areas.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a post on Twitter (X) of the US Central Command of the Armed Forces (CENTCOM).

It is also noted that the launch of one anti-ship ballistic missile missiles “from Iran-backed areas of Yemen, controlled by Houthi terrorists, into the Aden Creek.” It happened in France yesterday.

“There were no casualties or casualties on the side of the US ships, coalition ships or commercial ships,” said the Central Committee.

In addition, above That same day, USCENTCOM “successfully destroyed” one unmanned surface vessel (USV) and one unmanned flying vehicle. (UAVs) in the Houthi-controlled areas of Yemenu.

The US military department said that, as it was determined, these targets posed “an imminent threat to US, coalition and commercial vessels in the region “.

“These actions are being implemented in order to protect freedom of navigation and make international waters more safe for US, coalition and commercial vessels,” reads the statement to Centcom.

The news is being updated…

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