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They brought me to court in kayadans. Who is Roman Grinkevich and what is his name?

The Pechersk District Court of Kiev finds today, 22nd day, a lucky break for Roman Grinkevich u. He became a figure in the criminal right before the Ministry of Defense purchased for the needs of the army.

RBC-Ukraine reveals why Roman Grinkevich was persecuted and what is known about the law.

What is known about Grinkevich’s law

Roman Grinkevich є son of Lviv businessman Igor Grinkevich. His family is involved in various enterprises that regularly took part in tenders of the Ministry of Defense.

Igor Grinkevich was also targeted in 2023 for proposing swag to the intelligence officer of the State Bureau of Investigation. He paid 500 thousand dollars for the return of the arrested man. So he was taken under arrest with an alternative to the outpost in the amount of over 420 million hryvnia.

However, later in the DBR they announced that they had broken the criminal investigation into the fact of the theft of pennies for the purchase of uniforms for the ZSU.

< p>Three companies of Igor Grinkevich, which were engaged in business until 2023, and then abruptly changed their profile to trading in clothes and clothes, won 23 tenders from the Ministry of Defense for a total amount of 1.5 billion hryvnia. However, six contracts were completely non-Victorian, and after even seven contracts, the businessman’s companies delivered goods to a small quantity, although the money for them was taken away. All other contracts were terminated after a period of 3 to 5 months. The price of the product, based on the information from the investigation, was protected. As a result, according to the preliminary assessment of the DBR, the state took away 1 billion hryvnias of surplus.

In addition to the tenders for uniforms for the army, one of the companies from Grinkevich’s homeland won the tender of the Ministry of Defense for the purchase of products for the ZSU in May p_vmillion hryvnia.

Before the word, after the scandal, the Ministry of Defense terminated all contracts established with Grinkevich’s companies, and also went to the DBR with a statement about the recognition of the ministry by the injured party.

The defendant in this case is Roman Grinke HIV Together with my father, there are also three other persons involved (executives of front companies) who are suspected of having created a malicious organization and participation in it, as well as the swindle carried out in the minds of the military camp on a particularly large scale.

< em>For more details about the right and homeland of the Grinkeviches – read the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

The scandal of Sonya Morozyuk

On the right, Grinkevich leaned towards their closest point. Thus, the scandal involved the mistress Sonya Morozyuk, who at that time was the betrothed of Roman Grinkevich.

During the investigation of Grinkevich’s assets, two apartments of Morozyuk were discovered. That's why they suspected that the smell could have come from the money stolen from the state by the family of Roman. However, as Morozyuk herself confirms, one of these apartments was added to her by her father, and the other one was bought by her father for a thousand dollars.

In addition, after Roman Grinkevich had cast aside suspicion, Morozyuk said that she was bursting the tears. And all the gifts taken from Grinkevich will be sold and donated to the army. As Morozyuk sings, she didn’t know about the equipment of her betrothed father. More about the situation with Morozyuk – as soon as possible.

Rozshuk and the persecution of Roman Grinkevich

After the stunned suspicion, law enforcement did not bother the young Grinkevich, although they published photos of him lying in a kayak on the underside and without pants. Later in the DBR they said that they don’t know what happened and they voiced at the Rozshuk.

On Friday, 19th, the Pechersky District Court of Kiev allowed law enforcement officers to arrest Roman Grinkevich. However, even then, this process was still unknown. Just today, lies in the DBR reported about the entrapment of the young Grinkevich in Odessa.

As Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin confirmed, Grinkevich left for Odessa around the 17th day and from that hour was preparing to cross the sovereign cordon and move beyond the borders. It is noteworthy that while commenting on the scandal that brought down his father’s company, Grinkevich stated that he had no intention of leaving the country.

Video of Grinkevich’s arrest in Odessa:

Court for protection favorable approach

At the same time, in the Pechersky District Court of Kiev, the rumor of a favorable approach to Roman Grinkevich is disturbing. Grinkevich was brought to the meeting in handcuffs and in front of a guard. He was also placed behind the bench, but later the court allowed him to sit at the table before his lawyer.

The lawyers asked the court to send the case to the appellate court to assign jurisdiction, the fragments solidified, so the food May I look at Shevchenko District Court of Kiev. The court failed.

The prosecutor's office is asking for an alternative exit for Grinkevich in the form of arrest with the possibility of imposing a fine in the amount of 500 million hryvnia. However, the remaining decision is praised by the court.

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