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They launched from the underwater ship. The DPRK announced the testing of new missiles

Pivnichny Korea conducted test launches of missiles under the name Pulhwasal-3-31 from a submarine nogo chovna.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from its dispatches to Yonhap.

It appears that the new strategic missile never hit its target, having flown over the Yellow Sea for two years and three years.

The South Korean military announced that they had recorded the launch of many cruise missiles over the waters near the port city of Shinpo, and the shipyard for the development of the South Korean submarines had been dismantled.

Aggressive floor History of the DPRK

Remaining North Korean leader Kim Jong-ying made a low statement indicating his commitment and readiness to start a war with South Korea. However, as noted by ZMI, Pyongyang has a good reason not to escalate the conflict, since the pace of growth of the economy of Southern Korea has reached its highest level in almost a decade through sales to Russia.

In the future, escalation ї North Korea launched missiles near the Yellow Sea . We also reported that Pyongyang launched a ballistic missile, triggering Japan's attack.

The New York Times reported that the United States is transferring the possibility of military operations between the DPRK and South Korea to coming months.

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