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They locked up an underwater vessel, hit radars and missiles: what do we know about the attack on the Houthis near Yemeni

Britain's and US military forces hit Houthis in support of Australia, Bahrain , Canada and the Netherlands . We supported the decision in Denmark, Germany, New Zealand and New Korea.

The legacy of this attack is in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

Until the hour of preparation of the material, Vikor The Dzherela were in agony: Sky News , pages in the social network Twitter of the Minister of Defense of Great Britain, Richard Sunak, CENTCOM, CNN channel.

Preparing to strike

At the end of the day, attacks by the Yemeni Houthis on civilian ships near the Red Sea have begun.

< p> British Prime Minister Risha Sunak discussed during a special event and praised the order of airstrikes on Houthi positions near Yemen.

“The Prime Minister said that the UK will continue to maintain access to freedom of navigation and the protection of life at sea,” Parliament was informed.

The British Minister of Defense included a video showing the flight of one z chotirioh ” Typhoons”, which led to high-precision strikes on two Houthi military targets simultaneously by US forces.

Chotiri @RoyalAirForce Typhoons loom due to perishkodi strikes for two Houthi military targets alongside US forces. The threat to innocent lives and global trade become si great that this action is not only necessary, it was our duty to protect vessels & freedom of navigation pic.twitter.com/tbN7ncJYpF , 2024

Also preparation before the impact of the Great Patriotic War and the US CENTCOM.

On Jan. 11 at 2:30 am (Sanaa time), US Central Command forces, in coordination with Great Britain, with support from Australia, Canada, Germany, and Bahrain, joint strikes are being carried out on Houthi targets until their numbers increase until their unfair actions continue… pic. twitter.com/bR8biMolSx— US Central Command (@CENTCOM) January 12, 2024


The strikes took place in many places where the naval and aviation forces were stationary.

Receipts of the United States and Britain There has been a series of airstrikes on the centers of the reserve and bases for the invasion of the Houthis near Yemenya.

A video has appeared after the strike on the Houthis.

Which objects were destroyed? attack

For Information from CNN TV channel, they were killed during the attack

  • military base Kahlan near the province of Saada;
  • Al-Daylami airbase to the evening before the capital of Yemen Sani;
  • airport area of ​​Hudaydah on the Red Sea;
  • airport of Taiz and other objects in the province of Taiz near the southern part of Yemen;
  • Abbs airport.

International reaction

All over the country, as supported the decision of Great Britain and the United States and issued a comprehensive statement.

“The violations have been extended to the unprecedented right to individual and collective self-defense, consistent with the UN Statute,” the statement says.

Prime Minister of Great Britain, Risha Sunak, noted that They threatened British and other ships and destroyed trade. As a result, the price of virgin goods has increased.

“The Royal Military Forces launched targeted strikes on military targets that are being fought by the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Over the past month, they have launched a series of unfortunate and destabilizing attacks on commerce. no shipping in the Red Sea, threatening British and other international vessels, which caused serious disruption to the lives of important Trade has led to an increase in the prices of foreign goods,” Sunak said.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that the strikes in Yemen were ordered on Houthi missile sites and radars. The head of the Pentagon is in a special operation from the hospital.

“Today’s strikes targeted targets related to Houthi drones, ballistic and missiles, and coastal radars and air defense systems,” said US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

US President Joe Biden said that these attacks on the Houthis are a response to their unprecedented attacks on international maritime vessels in the Red Sea, including the laying down of anti-ship ballistic missiles.

“These attacks put US personnel and civilian sailors at risk and our partners “, threatened trade and freedom of navigation. Over 50 countries suffered from 27 attacks on international commercial shipping, crews from over 20 countries recognized the threat or were taken into custody during acts of piracy,” Biden said.

Who are the Houthis?

The Houthis are a grouping of Shiites, created in the 90s to fight the corrupt government of Yemen. They took their name from their leader, Hussein al-Hussi.

The Houthis regard themselves as part of the “axis support” of Israel, the United States, and any approach that despises Iran.

The terms are important. Read information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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