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They sold the plant for 160 million hryvnia. The bandit participants were informed about the suspicion

Suspected members of a malicious organization that stole the plant's property were informed who is more than 160 million hryvnia.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine through communications to the press service of the National Police of Ukraine.

What happened

Among the figurants of the city of Cherkasy, Kropyvnytskyi, Mykolayiv and Kiev region. There are two of them in the middle, who will go to the closest spot of the “thief in law.”

The members of the gang have a clearly defined role in the equipment. By dividing official documents and obtaining the so-called “pounds”, the Zlochinites managed to re-register the part of the statutory capital to one of the participants of the group and, in an illegal way, changed the ceramics of the plant.

Photo: The plant was destroyed for 160 million hryvnia. The participants of Bandi (npu.gov.ua)

“such a rank, the participants of the anxious organized, illegally confined the zirovim to the Complex of the PIDPRIMSTY VATASTYA 160 Milion for 160 Milione garnish.

What is the threat?

Five defendants were informed of suspicion for:

  • h. 1 and 2 tbsp. 255 – creation, ceremonial work with evil teamwork or evil organization, as well as its fate;
  • ch. 3 tbsp. 27, part 4 art. 28, part 3 art. 206-2, part 3 art. 27, part 4 art. 28, part 2 art. 15 hours 3 tbsp. 206-2 – illegal occupancy of the mine of an enterprise, installation, organization, or in the warehouse of an organized group;
  • ch. 3 tbsp. 27, part 4 art. 28, part 3 art. 206 – opposition to legitimate government activity;
  • ch. 4 tbsp. 27, part 3 art. 365-2 – abuse of important persons who perform public services.

They can be threatened with up to 12 days of reduction of will with confiscation of the lane.

Guess what, RBC-Ukraine wrote about those that the Security Service of Ukraine just this hour informed the general director of the Russian corporation “Tactical Missile Armor” Boris Obnosov about the suspicion that he is discouraging the armed aggression of the country Yini-terrorist.

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