• 19/07/2024 19:46

This morning's attack on Ukraine cost Russia nearly half a billion dollars.

The enemy fired about $423.4 million worth of shells into Ukraine.

The morning attack on Ukraine cost Russia almost half a billion dollars

During the attack on the territory of Ukraine on February 7, Russia launched various type of projectiles worth about 423.4 million dollars.

This was reported by Economic Pravda.

Shahed-136/131 UAVs of which Russia launched 20 today , can cost from 49 thousand dollars, if we talk about the Russian Federation’s own production; up to 290 thousand dollars, if we are talking about imports from Iran.

“We will take as a basis the average price that was planned for imports from Iran – 193 thousand dollars. So 20 attack UAVs “Shahed” cost the Russian Federation about 3.9 million dollars “,” the publication noted.

The cost of the Kh-22 missile, of which there were 4 today, is estimated at $1 million, that is, the total amount for the missiles launched is 4 million dollars.< /p>

The X-101 missilecosts $13 million per unit. In total, Russia released 29 pieces today.

“The total amount of missiles of this type fired is $377 million,” the material reported.

Price S-300 anti-aircraft guided missileis at least 2 million dollars. There were 5 of them launched. So the total cost of launched missiles of this type is $10 million. The cost of one Caliber missile costs $6.5 million. Today Russia launched three Kalibr missiles, so the total cost of this missile was 19.5 million dollars.

Ballistic missile Iskander-M could cost $3 million. There were three of them, which means the total cost of all missiles of this type produced was $9 million.

“The total amount that Russia spent on the morning attack on February 7 on Ukraine is 423.4 million dollars,” the report says.

  • During a massive missile attack this morning, Russia launched 64 air attack weapons. Defense forces shot down 44 of them. Over Kiev in During the alarm, about 20 missiles were shot down. Four people were killed, many were injured.
  • During the morning attack, the Russians attacked different regions of Ukraine. The first explosions were in Kharkov, where one woman was injured. There was also an explosion in Drohobych. In In Nikolaev, one person died, about 20 houses were damaged there.
  • In Novomoskovsk in the Dnepropetrovsk region, as a result of an enemy attack, almost all municipal equipment was destroyed. Enemy drones beat up an enterprise that is engaged in the improvement of the city. Takes care of comfort. Now clean the streets or there is practically nothing to clear the snow with.
  • The cruise missiles with which the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine in the morning constantly changed their course and maneuvered in the west of Ukraine.
  • Poland scrambled F-16 aircraft during the missile attack Russian Federation in Ukraine.


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