• 18/07/2024 14:31

Tomorrow afternoon in the south and west of Ukraine it will be about 0°

The rest of the territory is 1-6° below zero.

Tomorrow afternoon in the south and west of Ukraine about 0< /></p>
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<p>On Monday, January 22, Ukraine is predicted. /p> </p>
<p >This was reported by the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center.</p>
<p>There is fog in places in the north-eastern part at night and in the morning. There is icy conditions on the roads of Ukraine, except in the southern regions.</p>
<p>Wind in the eastern and southern regions northeastern, 5-10 m/s, in the rest of the southern territory 7-12 m/s, in the western and northern regions during the day gusts of 15-18 m/s in some places. </p>
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<p>Temperature at night 4-9° below zero, in the northeastern part 12-17° below zero, in the Crimea and on the sea coast from 0-5° below zero; during the day 1-6° below zero, in the southern and in the western regions about 0°.</p>
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