• 15/07/2024 10:42

Trump Considers Cutting Intelligence Sharing With NATO Members, Politico

We are talking about information that helps Ukraine repel a Russian attack.

Trump is considering reducing intelligence sharing with NATO members, ‒ Politico

Donald Trump is considering reducing intelligence sharing with NATO members , depending on the United States, such as information helping Ukraine repel a Russian attack.

Politico writes about this, citing foreign officials.

Trump advisers told allies that reducing intelligence sharing would be part of a broader plan to reduce US support and cooperation with the alliance.

Former The American president repeatedly tried to “blow up” the alliance during his first term in office.< /p>

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Restricting information could have dire security consequences, especially for Ukraine as it tries to repel a Russian invasion.

“It was American intelligence that helped convince many NATO countries that Putin was determined to invade Ukraine. Some countries did not believe that Russia had the ability to mount a successful military campaign,” the source said.

Cursing intelligence during a possible future Trump administration was a topic of discussion, according to officials and a senior U.S. official. at the NATO summit this week. 

Reduced US intelligence sharing could reduce Europe's ability to resist a Russian invasion if President Vladimir Putin decides to expand military operations on the continent beyond Ukraine.

  • In June, the bloc's Assistant Secretary General David Van Wiel said that the NATO military bloc plans to expand cooperation with Ukraine in the field of defense technologies and share more intelligence data on Russian electronic warfare.


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