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“TV breach.” The expert named the key mission of volunteers at the river cordon of Russia

About this in the commentary of RBC-Ukraine, stating the official expert, senior riverman of the General Staff Vladislav Seleznyov.

“We are talking about the sheer number of military servicemen in the region, 50 people, perhaps a little more, z-publications give such an assessment, but I think that the stench of the singing world is wafting through the radio. The brilliance will definitely not be the initial step for the final change in the situation “at the Russian-Ukrainian border. It's all about the information-power action,” the expert said.

He guessed that similar stories had been told before, in the same territory of the Kursk and Bryansk regions, when the soldiers of the RDK and the “Freedom of Russia” legion were fighting. The military servicemen of the Siberian battalion immediately reached them.

“The key mission is to demonstrate to the Russian population that the fight against the Putin regime is completely overwhelming. especially because Russian propaganda is in preparation before the election of President Putin, they said that “Russia is a safe country” and that “everything is safe, everything is possible,” Seleznyov respects.

We have the utmost respect that these actions volunteers demonstrate that there is a different thought and a different assessment of the situation, including those related to the armed resistance.

“The Russian army recognizes the waste. Shchonai less than 1 armored personnel carrier transformed into a bunch of burned-out assholes And this is very important. I would like, through those local bastards, to understand that the Russian TV is flawed. He recognizes one thing, and the Russians from their own houses can see a much different picture. So I think that there is such a difference “Information and power operations will continue,” – summed up the spivrozmovnik.

Breaking the cordon near the Russian Federation

Nagadamo, Shogodni 12 birch, “Rosieki volunteer corps”, Yakii in the Botz Ukrainy, Spyelno with Lydoron “Freedom of Rosіa” by the Sibir battalion, the Terusky Kurzo Kurzo -Tsa Regions. Fighting began there and volunteers finally lost the armored personnel carriers of the occupiers.

As the volunteers themselves explain, they are working on this in order to implement the collapse of the dictatorship of Volodymyr Putin, who is planning to switch to a new term yesterday It’s time for the so-called “elections” 15-17 bereznya.

His representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Moscow Region Andriy Yusov, in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine, informed that this could be a full-scale operation of volunteer battalions, and if there is a delay in the formation, then the fighters to prize trophy armor during the hour of assault on the Russian region.

At this hour, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation presented its own version of what is happening in the border with Ukraine. There they traditionally called Ukraine and stated that they had “tested the breach of the cordon.”

For more details about what is happening in the Kursk and Belgorod regions, read the material from RBC-Ukraine. /p>

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