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Two US Navy SEALs died in the hours before Iranian armor was transferred to the Houthis.

Central Command announced the death of two US Navy special forces who fell into oblivion during the hour of operation ii from the overcrowding of the Iranian zbroi, assigned to the Yemeni Houthis. The solution was praised after a large, fruitless search operation.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via CNN.

“We regret to inform you that after ten days of searching, two known US Navy SEALs were not found, and their current status has been changed to dead,” the command statement said.

At the Pentagon we've been told what to do the hour of operation at sea was a storm with a height of 2.4 meters. When the SEALs approached the suspect ship and began to board it, a high hull knocked one special forces soldier into the sea, and another followed him, adhering to the protocol for dealing with such an incident.

For the next ten days, the military teams from the USA, Japan and Spain searched for the military forces in an area of ​​over 21 thousand. square miles. However, the jokes did not yield any results.

“We, through the loss of two of our good “sea seals”, and our hearts are with their families. Today, the entire department of communication is in grief. We are grateful to everyone who tirelessly worked “We are trying to find out and destroy them,” US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said last week.

Yemeni Houthi attacks on ships and response to Sunset

Houthi is a grouping of Shiites, created in the 90s to fight the corrupt government of Yemen. They took their name from the leader of Hussein al-Husi, whom the Yemeni army killed in the spring of 2004. The Houthis rely in part on their “strong support” from Israel, the United States, and the Sunset, which despises Iran.

Since the fall of leaves in 2023, the Houthis began to regularly attack commercial ships in the Aden Prototype near Chervony with drones, missiles and ballistic missiles sea. The first attacks coincided with the beginnings of a war between Israel and the Palestinian factions of Hamas.

In response to the numerical attack, on the 12th the United States and Britain fired missiles at the Houthi military targets near Yemeni.

However, after the strikes from the West, the grouped militants continued their attacks on the merchant ship. On September 18, the Houthis fired anti-ship ballistic missiles at the American vessel Chem Ranger, under the ensign of the Marshall Islands, which is owned by the United States and operated by Greece.

The administration of US President Joe Biden is dismantling plans for the trivial military and campaigns against the Yemeni Houthis after 10 days of strikes They were unable to stop grouped attacks on foreign ships in the Sea of ​​Red.

Admittedly, on the 11th of today, the military services of the US Military and Naval Forces, in order to save Somalia, crossed a ship that was delivering components of ballistic and cruise missiles Iranian recruitment for the grouping of the Yemeni Houthis. This is the first episode of strengthening of the armor for the militants of this group since the beginning of attacks on ships at the end of the fall of 2023.

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