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Ukraine handed over to Qatar a list of children abducted by Russia

The Arab country acted as a mediator in the negotiations; Ukraine and Russia did not have direct contact.

Dmitry Lubinets at negotiations in Qatar

Verkhovna Rada Commissioner results of two-day negotiations in Qatar on return to Ukraine children abducted by Russia and the release of civilians.

Qatar received from our delegation a list with the names of 561 children illegally taken away by the occupiers. The request for them has already been submitted to the Russian side. Ukraine and Russia did not have any direct contacts.

A group of children separately from the list are also expected to return home at this time. Details will not be released until after the event occurs.

In addition, the issue of returning orphans and children deprived of parental care was discussed with Qatari colleagues. Ukraine's position is that such status should not be an excuse for the aggressor, and all children should return to their homeland. The Ombudsman's Office estimates there may be about 3,600 such children.

Qatar has also agreed to participate in negotiations for the release of civilians illegally detained by Russia.

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