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Ukraine has carried out 3 stages of evacuation from the Gaza Strip: how many Ukrainians have returned home

With the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas, Ukraine has turned home from the Gaza Strip and 363 giants.< /p>

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a post on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Embassy in Israel.

3 stages of evacuation took place in:

  • leaf fall in 2023;
  • Infants 2023;
  • Birth of 2024.

Zagalo evacuated 363 Ukrainian citizens, including:

  • children – 141;
  • women – 135;
  • people – 87.

War between Israel and Hamas

June 7, 2023 The militants of the radical Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas attacked Israel from the territory of the Gaza Strip. According to official data, on the first day of the attack, the militants killed 1,200 civilians and soldiers and kidnapped about 250 people.

In the end, the Israeli Defense Forces launched a ground military operation in the Gaza Strip, I How to trivay dosi. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that this operation will further weaken Hamas and release guarantors.

At the beginning of the fierce Prime Minister of Israel, he announced the IDF’s readiness to issue land invasion to Rafah city near the border with Egypt on Days for the Gaza Strip. Cairo, on its own side, has threatened to revoke the key peace agreement with Tel Aviv if the Israeli army withdraws to Rafah.

Days in Israel they threatened an offensive on Rafah, because Hamas would not stand up for handbrake until Ramadan.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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