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Ukraine has caught up with the Russian Federation for the number of long-range kamikaze drones, – Fedorov

Ukraine has caught up with Russia for the number of long-range kamikaze drones. A painted version of the maritime drone MAGURA is also expected to appear.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a message to the Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov at the podcast “Elephant.”

“Speak clearly about the niche” heads “And long-range drones, I’ll just quote Budanov. A few days ago I said in an interview that we have parity in terms of these drones. I’ll say that this is true. We have up to ten transmitters that vibrate long-range kamikaze drones,” – said Vin.

Fedorov noted that the production of long-range drones is limited only by funding. However, the production continues to scale.

“You can vibrate thousands of drones. Thousands have already been vibrated, and maybe every day here will fall on the territory of Russia. And this can be scaled up. By the end of the day, we have caught up (Rus Iyu, – ed.) Russia must understand that we will continue to scale up, and we have just begun,” the minister said.

In his words, Ukraine’s partners will also be surprised how drones will reclaim PPO systems.

Fedorov also announced the appearance of a painted version of the maritime drone MAGURA. As the minister said, in 2024 there will be a “new technological trend” in development.

“We cannot show, however, what kind of platform it is and what is being prepared for new conditions with new surprises,” he said vin.

Drones of Ukrainian production

It is a reminder that the armed Ukrainian army already has dozens of drones of ham production. There is a lot to be said about unmanned aerial vehicles, and also about surface drones.

Earlier, the head of the SBU reported that a unique maritime surface drone “Sea Malyuk” had been produced in Ukraine. The production of these unmanned aerial vehicles has been developed in Ukraine, although the factories are located underground.

According to the words of the Minister of Nutrition of Strategic Industry Oleksandr Kamishin, Ukraine has established the serial production of a ham analogue ” Shahediv” and also dismantles the powerful analogue of the Russian kamikaze drone “The Lancet”.

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