• 24/07/2024 06:14

Ukraine has launched mass production of an analogue of Shahed

Украина запустила серийное производство аналога

One of the types of Ukrainian drones. Illustrative photo from defense-ua.com

Since August 2023, Ukraine has been mass-producing a long-range kamikaze drone, which is similar to the Shahed.

Source : Head of the Ministry of Strategic Industry Alexander Kamyshin at a press conference

Kamyshin’s direct speech : “Since 2016, the state has had developments that for some reason were not produced. We launched series production. Now we are producing dozens of them. Next year, the Armed Forces may receive more than a thousand of these drones that fly 1000+ kilometers.”

Details : The minister emphasized that the defense industry is now capable of producing dozens of such kamikaze drones, and in the future it will increase its capacity.

Kamyshin also confirmed President Vladimir Zelensky’s statement that the defense industry could produce a million FPV drones next year.


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