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Ukraine has not yet taken away the NASAMS air defense system, as Canada has promised, – ZMI

NASAMS air defense system Canada decided to purchase for Ukraine because of this. However, having not yet arrived in Ottawa, they do not know when he will be handed over to Kiev.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via CTV News.

“President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky says that The enhancement of anti-aircraft defense is the main priority for this country in the new century, and the delivery of anti-aircraft defense systems to the battlefield is progressing well,” reads the materials.

However, it is clear that the Canadian government has announced a proposal for Ukraine to purchase NASAMS air defense systems.

At the moment, the air defense system has not arrived in Ukraine, and the Canadian government does not know when it will be handed over to Kiev.

What can they say about the parties

The Ministry of Defense reports that Canada paid the US government 406 million dollars for the PPO system in the past.

A representative of the Ministry of Defense reported that the US government signed the contract from Raytheon's factory made it into production.

Ale Kongsberg, another company that takes part in the development of these systems, states that it has no contract with either the United States or Canada. The Pentagon representative did not provide information, but instead redirected the supply to Canadian officials.

NASAMS systems for Ukraine

NASAMS is a Norwegian super-surface anti-aircraft missile system that can fire 72 missiles in 12 seconds. It is necessary to shoot down aircraft, helicopters and missiles at a radius of up to 40 km.

The ZSU was selected for the construction of the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system at the end of 2022.

Lately, the Canadian Ministry of Defense stated that Ukraine would be able to reject the NASAMS software system purchased by Ukraine in the shortest possible time, as soon as it was prepared.

In the fall of autumn, President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that region removed additional NASAMS anti-aircraft defense systems. The stench has already begun to appear on the battlefield and will be a strong addition to the PPO ahead of the winter.

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