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Ukraine is facing a shortage of missiles for air defense systems, – ISW

Interruptions in defense assistance on the side of the country may already cause a shortage of ammunition kits for anti-caking systems defenses that are taking place in the newly formed Ukraine. The rest of the time, Russia intensified its attacks from the wind in order to destroy the Ukrainian PPO. Due to the shortage of missiles, the aggressor is ready to maximally boost the air support of offensive operations along the front line.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this through communications to the Institute of Vivcheniya. neither (ISW).

The document states that delays in financing and supplies to the Ukrainian border could lead to a national shortage of Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles. This, of course, allows the Russian troops to more aggressively bomb the Ukrainian troops or attack the front-line areas.

The New York Times published a report on the 9th edition of the report that, according to the estimates of American officials, in, without further assistance, Ukrainian stocks of anti-aircraft missiles will run out in 2024.

Ukrainian officials have recently announced that Ukraine is facing a “critical shortage” of anti-aircraft missiles, and the remnants of the delay will help continue to destroy Ukraine’s accumulation of material assets.

“Russian troops regularly attack the anti-aircraft defense system in the military areas of Ukraine, repeatedly attacking Russian missiles and drones, in conjunction with the Iranian and South Korean military forces. The Ukrainian military may be using up anti-aircraft missiles, as well as redeploying anti-aircraft defense systems from the lines front”, – says the star.

ISW experts indicate that Russia has significantly reduced the air support of ground operations in the entire theater of combat operations through two stages – the killing of Russian soldiers near Kherson in the chest in 2023, as well as poverty 14th day of the A-50 long-range radar detection flight.

At the same time, it appears that the intensification of the Russian strike campaign in recent years has undoubtedly increased the pressure on the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense system and has forced Ukraine to redeploy personnel. According to previous publications, there were streams of Russian tactical aviation that operated on both the front and in the Russian military.

It is also indicated that in the beginning of 2024, Russian aviation intensified operations in support of Russian offensive operations in the gathering of Ukraine, especially near Avdiivka. It is important to note that “the exchange of stocks of Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles may give Russian aircraft more opportunities to attack.”

Institute experts admit that a critical shortage of Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles may allow Russian troops to fight on a larger scale, especially pilots, which, as a rule, carry a more important priority, close to the lower line of the line in Ukraine and beyond.

“The Russian military has not yet conducted the last large-scale air operations to support Russian ground offensive operations in Ukraine, and the intensification of Russian air operations on a large scale “Oh, it would become a real threat to the country,” says ISW.

Russia’s recent attacks against Ukraine

Russian military forces are constantly attacking the territory of Ukraine with “Shahed” attack drones, which are actively collecting ammunition for anti-aircraft defense systems.

So, from the evening of Saturday 10 February to the night of the week On the 11th of February, the Russian zagarbniks launched in Ukraine, a group of kamikaze drones “Shahed”. The lower regions were deafened by great anxiety.

Under the blow, the Dnieper drank, and the fire broke out near Mykolayiv.

Closer to 3 a.m., 11 fierce Russian drones attacked the Kiev region. On the approaches to the capital, the PPO was functioning.

According to the words of the head of the “Servant of the People” faction in the Ukrainian parliament, David Arakhamia, Ukraine should withdraw military resources for another two months without new assistance from the United States.

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