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Ukraine may intend to launch long-range attacks on Russian territory, – the head of the British Legislative Council

Ukraine intends to launch long-range attacks on Russian territory, as a result of the tide new military aid calls to help Kiev conduct the war in more powerful ways.

As stated by the head of the British Armed Forces, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, RBC-Ukraine reported to the Financial Times.

In his words, the defense of Ukraine has been adjusted in an unfriendly manner , and having learned that the “importance” of the fight for the advancing Russian troops is on the line. However, Radakin is confident that this gloomy “analysis” of the war does not reflect the more troubling trends that are shaping up in Kiev.

Having noted that the remaining packages of military aid from the United States and Europe are coming to them, further successful strikes by Ukraine from afar and the “repeated failure” of Moscow in its attempt to cut off life that is important for Kiev grain export through the Chorne Sea.

” The danger of any analysis lies in the fact that it is not true that we are constantly experiencing and will be subject to the greatest number of fates,” said Radakin, adding that people are guilty of stopping “glorifying Russia” and believing that ї “in my rank There are great achievements.”

Just before the six-month break in the connection with the American finances of Kiev, as this year ended, the Russian troops continued to bombard Ukraine with important artillery, missiles and security pilots, having achieved various territorial successes.

Aid to Ukraine from the USA

Since the fall of 2023, praise for the bill on assistance to Ukraine in the US Congress has been heard across divisions among members of the Republican Party. Recently, American politicians were able to reach a compromise, and the bill was put to a vote. On April 24, 2024, it was signed by President Joe Biden.

In his speech, President Biden voted to give Ukraine a new package of military aid worth 1 billion dollars. This package includes ammunition for artillery and missiles for anti-aircraft defense systems.

Introduced by Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson, the bill transfers to Ukraine 60.84 billion dollars in direct aid and funds to cover additional expenses . Report about those that Kiev is taking away – from the material of RBC-Ukraine.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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