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Ukraine’s task this year is to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense and long-range capabilities and inflict systemic losses on Russia, – Zelensky

In particular, Russian frozen assets need to be confiscated.

Ukraine's task this year is to strengthen Ukraine's air defense and long-range capabilities, and inflict systemic losses on Russia, -</p>
<p> Zelensky < p>In Kyiv, the rubble after the Russian morning strike was cleared until the evening. In a residential building, dozens were injured and four people died. Nikolaev, Kharkov, Lviv region, Dnieper region, Khmelnitsky, Kiev, Kherson – there are casualties and damage in these regions. </p>
<p>Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky spoke about this in his address.</p>
<p>We will respond to Russia for every missile, every suicide attack. And our task this year is not only to maximally strengthen our air shield and Ukraine’s long-range capabilities, but also to inflict maximum systemic losses on Russia. In particular, this applies to frozen Russian assets – both of the terrorist state and of persons associated with it. Everything should be confiscated and work to protect against terror. It is fair to respond to a terrorist. It is fair to destroy terrorists,” the president emphasized.</p>
<p>He added that it is fair to make a terrorist state pay for what it does, and Ukraine is working as energetically as possible with partners to ensure that a decision on Russian assets is made as quickly as possible .< /p> </p>
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<p>“Today I had a meeting with the head of European diplomacy, Borrell. In particular, we talked about the confiscation of Russian assets. What is really needed is a unified and strong solution. This is a decision that brings our common respect for international law and complete disregard for a terrorist state,” Zelensky noted.</p>
<p>The President also discussed with Borrell the European decision regarding a million artillery shells and the key issues of security in relations between Ukraine and of the European Union, in particular, the creation of a Fund for Assistance to Ukraine within the European Peace Fund.</p>
<p>Vladimir Zelensky also held a meeting today with the speaker and deputies of the Bulgarian Parliament. They discussed the work on the Peace Formula and the situation in the Black Sea region, and bilateral cooperation, in particular in the defense sector. </p>
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