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“Ukrainian Armored Vehicles” successfully tested the “Novator” armored vehicle with the “TAVRIA-14.5” combat module. Relevant

“Novator” is a 10-seat specialized armored vehicle with a remote-controlled combat module.

Ukrainian Armored Vehicles LLC successfully tested a 10-seat specialized armored vehicle “Novator” with a combat distance – controlled module of domestic production “TAVRIA-14.5” This is stated in the company's message published on the Facebook page.

Armored vehicle Novator

BM “TAVRIA-14.5” is a combat remote-controlled uninhabited turret armed with a 14.5 mm machine gun ( KPVT) with 200 rounds of ammunition. BM “TAVRIA-14.5” with the help of the latest and unique weapons control system, which includes a high-quality stabilization system, provides the ability to capture and track targets, as well as conduct accurate fire at hostile targets in motion. BM “TAVRIA-14.5” is equipped with an optical-electronic module that allows it to detect targets at a distance of more than 5 kilometers both day and night.

Novator armored car < /p>

Armor protection level of combat armor The developer of the combat module has provided an appropriate armor level of protection for the body of the optical-electronic module and the weapons control system units. but also saves the lives of military personnel, the message says.

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