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Ukrainian drones attacked three oil refineries in Russia at night, – Dzherelo

Today, Ukraine attacked three oil refineries with drones.

This was reported to RBC-Ukraine.

Refinery plants were attacked not only in Ryazan, but also near Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod region and Kirishakh, Leningrad region.

Behind the words Dzherel, these attacks are a continuation of low special operations against the target oil refineries, as previously launched by the Security Service of Ukraine.

“We are systematically implementing a detailed strategy for changing the economic potential of the Russian Federation. Our goal is to save resources and change the flow of naphtha pennies and fire, which the Russian Federation is directing directly to war, to kill the quality of our citizens,” said Dzherelo .

Judging from the video at the edge, the results of the attack were satisfactory. Prior to this, the refineries attacked today were among the top 5 largest plants in the Russian Federation.

In addition, according to Dzherel’s information, the SBU, together with other representatives of the Defense Forces, attacked with drones the airbase of the Russian Air Force at Buturlinivtsi and the military airdrome near Voronezh.

Attacks on oil refineries in Russia

Attacks by Ukrainian drones on Russian oil refineries are becoming more and more systematic. Thus, recently a drone attacked one of the largest oil refineries in Yaroslavl.

RBC-Ukraine also reported that SBU drones hit an oil refinery near Tuapse, resulting in a heavy fire.

Crimea that , SBU drones were flown through the Ust-Luga Oil naphtha terminal. There they process palvo, yak, zakrema, and for the military of the Russian Federation.

Before that, on the 13th of February in Ryazan (Russia), drones attacked a petroleum plant. Eyewitnesses report burning. We also know about the victims.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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