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Ukrainian military is already trying drones with piece intelligence: details

Ukrainian drones are already testing drones-kamikazes of these things with his intellect, and in addition to this, he calls for actions collapsible.

About this, the defender of the head commander of the ZSU Vadim Sukharevsky, informs RBC-Ukraine of sending to his video briefing.

“Such tests, systems. I want to say that this is more There is a complex process in the plan for implementation and implementation in life – the stagnation of these drones at the front, at the combat stagnation,” said Sukharevsky.

In his words, with the development of drones, one cannot do without piecemeal intelligence. It is so important to learn how to view a real image before creating a piece of intelligence.

“For example, how do we view a picture of a piece of intelligence as a real one? With a few “fingers.” there are “fingers” in the picture And this is the moment that we will need to experience in life on the battlefield,” he said. protector of the head commander of the ZSU.

Drones for Ukraine

12 April 2023, Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umerov and his colleague from Latvia Andris Spruds discussed the creation of a coalition of drones. The Ukrainian authorities rewarded the Latvian side for this initiative. According to Spruds, over 20 countries joined the coalition of unmanned pilots.

According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, a group of countries in the Alliance wants to transfer millions of unmanned aircraft to the Ukrainian military. within the framework of military assistance. Having declared the death of the 17th, the coalition of drones officially launched.

In addition, on the 17th it became clear that Britain is working on it to replenish Ukraine with thousands of new drones with individual telektom.

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