• 13/07/2024 15:12

Ukrainian refugees from Lithuania are still about to be allowed to marry the sovereign language

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of Lithuania has already introduced the term the pull of any Ukrainians is not Lithuanian language will be spoiled. This proposal is fully supported by the Department of National Minorities of Lithuania.

RBC-Ukraine reports this through communications on the LRT.

“It is understood that the situation of these people is special. The stench was loud. roll out war, deprived of their homes. There is great stress, and these people need a difficult term to adapt to Lithuania,” said department representative Sergey Dobryakov.

However, we respect that it is important to take into account the fact that Ukrainians are actually already trying to integrate with the Lithuanian consulate. They also show great interest in the culture of Lithuania and the suppression of learning the Lithuanian language.

“But, it’s a pity, we cannot yet satisfy the need for everyone to learn the Lithuanian language. They are financed by the Department, they will come back to the meeting, and not everyone wants to spend money on them,” the official added.

We have learned that Lithuanian language courses in Budinka national communities now account for 620 people. What is important about them is the number of Ukrainians.

I guess we wrote about what problems Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania are facing. Among the main difficulties is access to medical courses and medical assistance.

We also learned that at the end of the fall there is a flow of refugees to Lithuania. The Ukraine has a record level of practicum of Ukrainians.

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