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Umerov: the Russians want to advance deep into the positions of the Defense Forces for a breakthrough west of Bakhmut

At the same time, Ukrainian fighters are thwarting these plans of the invaders, the Minister of Defense noted.

units are trying to advance deeper positions of the Defense Forces, concentrating for a breakthrough west of Bakhmut.

This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umerov after visiting combat units in the eastern direction.

According to the minister, the situation here is tense. But, despite the enemy’s numerical advantage, as Umerov noted, “we are effectively thwarting these plans thanks to the courage, training and professionalism of successfully using defenders . modern technological systems as a counterweight to the enemy, who is trying to gain an advantage in manpower.”

The head of the Ministry of Defense also awarded state awards and ministerial honors to military personnel who distinguished themselves in difficult battles.

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