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Up to 500 thousand. Radya is proposing to pay military personnel for downed flights, ballistics and more

A new bill “On making changes to certain legislative acts of Ukraine” has been registered on the website of the Verkhovna Rada before motivation military service”. This is what RBC-Ukraine reports from a message sent to the Verkhovna Rada website and Facebook by Roman Kostenko, Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for National Security, Defense and Intelligence.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine. p> What does the new bill propose

The document proposes to establish payments for the loss or storage of military equipment.

Zokrema, for the destruction of a tank, self-propelled guns or RSZV, 370 thousand hryvnias are proposed to be paid. For infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, command and staff vehicles, artillery systems, the payment will be less than -100 thousand hryvnia. Other armored vehicles or important vehicles of the People's Deputies were valued at 30 thousand hryvnia.

For the air defense systems and radar systems of the PPO Vinegorod, you will also pay 370 thousand hryvnia. A small amount of payment will be given for the low-level task of counter-battery combat – up to 150 thousand hryvnia. You can pay 100 thousand hryvnias for the reduction of military aircraft.

For the reduction of drones of the reconnaissance and shock type, you will pay 100 thousand hryvnia. The city is also rewarded for the reduction of ballistic missiles.

Photo: Radi Proponita Vіsysovim for Zbith LITIA, BALISTIC (Facebook.com/kostenko.roman83)

Nybilsha vinagorod can be Otude Otida, yakshcho vi -tie lines – 500 mesh hryvnias, for vi -tie hryvnias, for gvintokryl – 300 thousand hryvnia, complex of long-range visual control – 30 thousand hryvnia, military ship – 300-500 thousand hryvnia, private RER – 30-100 thousand hryvnia.

Pay not less than the military

The new bill is being promoted viplachuvati vinagodi ne Special recognition is given to military personnel and police officers.

The payment will be distributed among those who take part in the discovered, depleted or buried type of technology. However, for military commanders, an additional amount is transferred to the city in the following sums: the middle commander – 5%, the commander of a platoon/company/group – 3%, the commander of a regiment of a battalion – 2%, the commander of a division of a brigade (regiment) – 1%.

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Photo: Radya advocates paying military personnel for killed flights, ballistics (facebook.com/kostenko.roman83)

Increasing payments for military actions

People's Deputies advocate introducing bonuses and wines for these military personnel, as the hour progresses I will serve in the military for at least 12 months. For Kho, at least 6 mISYAV, take fate from the fights, the stroke of the Ozhamuvati Zavodovy, the salary, the salary for the VIISKOVIM Zvanni, the allowance for the Vyuvye Rock -up Iz Kiefitsynta 1.5.

Photo: Radya advocates paying military personnel for killed flights, ballistics (facebook.com/kostenko.roman83)

< p>Those military personnel who, during military service, will undergo military service for at least 24 months, with 12 months of combat operations, can receive a plant salary, salary for military ranks, and a service allowance. And with coefficient 2.

Additional payments to line workers

We are happy to give a penny payment to those who, after the 24th of 2022, extended the contract for service for at least 3 years or until the end of military service. This assistance will be one-time and in the following amounts:

  • soldiers – 120 thousand hryvnia,
  • sergeants and petty officers – 160 thousand hryvnia,
  • officers – 200 thousand hryvnia.

There are a lot of worries for those who have the right to participate in the service for family reasons or health reasons, but they must continue to serve and receive a monthly supplement of 10 thousand hryvnias.

Military insurance

People Deputies will advocate for the bill to introduce life insurance and health for military personnel who served at least 36 months, of which at least 12 were combat soldiers, as well as for those discharged from military service (for state funds in private settings). This insurance coverage is extended to their families.

The document also proposes to establish minimum amounts of pensions for disability of persons who have taken away the disability of inheritance of participation in the ATO in the assembly of Ukraine, the OS in the assembly of Ukraine, and in the Russian Federation. Crimes against Ukraine: 1st group – 25 thousand hryvnias, 2nd group – 20 thousand hryvnias, 3rd group – 15.6 thousand hryvnia.

New benefits for military servicemen

Those military personnel who served for at least 36 months, of which 12 months were combat activities. There are also those who did not finish this line in connection with the wounded, and also released from the full. A residential mortgage at a 3% rate up to 20 months is required if you have served for at least 36 months, of which at least 24 months.

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Photo: Radya advocates paying military personnel for killed flights, ballistics (facebook.com/kostenko.roman83)

For those who have served in the military since February 24, 2022, they are encouraged to introduce the right to a license for the distribution of automobiles. The language is about military servicemen who have served for at least 36 months – they are entitled to a 50% reduction on their monthly and tax payments. And those who served at least 24 months, of which at least 12 were consigned to battlefields, therefore have “zero differences.”

However, this right may be protected by several bills, through those in which changes must be made to the Tax and Mitigation Codes of Ukraine.

Demobilization of military personnel

The bill specifies an additional transfer of bases for demobilization connections from terminated service line:

  • 36 months of continuous service during military service;
  • 18 months of continuous service during military service, including 12 months of final military punishment .

Make changes for conscripts who have not previously served in the military. They will be required to undergo a basic military training course.

Photo: Radya advocates paying military personnel for beaten flights, ballistics (facebook.com/kostenko.roman83)

The course should last at least three months and include:

  • tactical and combat training (no less than 30% of the general training course),
  • tactical medicine (no less than 10%),
  • fire training (no less than 30%) .

For unclear preparation of medical officers, it is recommended to introduce additional pay for instructors and ceremonies of primary centers. And after completing the course, you need to take a musculoskeletal test. Any recent result will have an additional start of up to one month.

Authors of the bill

The central initiator of the bill is the Secretary of the Supreme Committee for National Security, Defense and Intelligence Roman Kostenko from the “Voice” faction.

However, among the authors is the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for National Security, Defense and Intelligence Oleksandr Zavitnevich from the “Servant of the People”. He was also supported by Verkhovna Rada deputy Maryana Bezugla, who said for days that she had written a letter of resignation from the Servant of the People faction and party.

The “Servant of the People” also includes people’s deputies Fyodor Venislavsky and Maxim Poturaev.

At this point, please respect that the main people’s deputies who are promoting this bill are included before the opposition parties – “Voice”, “European Solidarity”, which is called “OPZZH”.

Additional payments to the military

It seems that after the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, they paid an additional penny to the military to the military, so as not to take part from the combatants for children, the size is 30 thousand hryvnia. Since the 1st of 2023, such thousands of payments have been collected.

The Verkhovna Rada supported the return of allowances for military, police, and civil defense services in the amount of 30 thousand hryvnia, as well as with various amendments kami.

Same order by increasing the salaries of doctors in the combat zone. This is a matter of concern not only for doctors, but also for nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals.

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